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CAUTION. The resources provided on this page represent the tip of an iceberg of a very large body of knowledge required to successfully implement an effective corporate Employer Branding, Talent Attraction and Reputation Management Strategy. None of the resources offered below, by themselves, illustrate the work required to deliver outcomes typically required by C-suite leadership. These resources are intended to illustrate our capability and provide a look through a keyhole at a world that is relatively unknown and overlooked in the talent acquisition space today.

ProForce Thought Leadership
White Paper: “The Business Case for Employer Branding”


Here are the facts and statistics that illustrate the significant shift which has occurred in the last few years and the business case for why organizations can no longer afford to maintain the status quo. The Business Case for Employer Branding also answers the following questions:

  • Why would we consider changing how we are recruiting now?
  • Why do we need to improve our Employer Brand?
  • How important is Social Media as a part of the Employer Branding strategy?
  • Why is the Candidate Experience a part of the Employer Branding process?
  • Is Employer Branding the same thing as becoming a Great Place to Work?
  • What other ROI can we expect from developing a stronger Employer and Talent Brand?
  • Wouldn’t the ROI and benefits decrease if my competitors use this same strategy?
  • Why would we consider using an outside firm to help us develop our Employer Brand?

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ProForce Thought Leadership
White Paper: “Strategies to Enhance Corporate Recruiting Capability”


  • The most effective Talent Acquisition methods are a synthesis of many best practices.
  • We approach recruiting strategically and provide many support strategies to improve talent acquisition capability to attract higher performing candidates.
  • We partner with organizations to focus on strategic targeting capability; because, in the end, only hiring the right person counts.

Core Strategies

  • Position Profile Enhancement
  • Improved Employer Branding
  • Candidate Evaluation Criteria
  • Recruiting Process Outcomes
  • Operational Excellence

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ProForce Thought Leadership
Point of View: “How We Help You Create a Strong Employer Brand

If you are not getting High Quality Applicants for your open jobs, the root cause may be your Employer Brand. A Candidate’s initial exposure to your Employer Brand reputation and the subsequent Candidate Experience (CaX) ultimately determines if they will be in the applicant pool.

The fix is not a Marketing Strategy. It is not an Employer Branding exercise. It is not a Communication campaign. The path to a great Employer Brand is a commitment to creating a great External Perception and being committed to creating an Internal Culture that is consistent with that External Perception.

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Discover the 5 Strategic Shifts Top Global Brands are Using to Attract High Performing Talent

We will SHOW you the 5 Strategic Shifts the Top 10% of Brands are using to become an Employer of Choice and how they are using Talent Attraction strategies – NOT Traditional Recruiting – to consistently attract high performing talent who are the right cultural fit.

We will show you how we create high levels of commitment and connection with top candidates from the very beginning – even though it is the opposite of what 90% of companies are doing.

Discover More Now 

Recruiting Should Deliver More.
Get More from Your Recruiting.

When we design a powerful Employer Brand strategy, we also help organizations realize more value from their recruiting investment than just a “new hire,” such as sales leads, affiliate partners, freelancers, social followers and product evangelists. With small changes in the execution of the process, organizations can realize significantly greater results and value from the same effort.

Every organization should demand more than just an offer letter after the enormous amount of time and money that is invested in the recruiting process. We can show you how.

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Recruiting Should-Deliver-More…Get-More-from-Your-Recruiting.pdf

ProForce Client Case Example

Acts 29 Consulting is a full-service Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing engineering consulting firm serving the design and construction industry.

Company URL

Scope of Work
Brand Development, Logo Design, Technical Writing, Web-content Development; Web Design; Web Technical Development; PDF Brochures, Employer Branding; Job Descriptions Re-write; Total Rewards Re-write; Candidate Communication Re-write; Recruiting as a Service

Download the ProForce Client Case Example

ProForce Client Case Example

Globe Runner is a full-service digital marketing agency delivering Search Engine Optimization, Paid Media, Web Design and Development and Content Marketing.

Company URL

Scope of Work
Employer Branding; Employer Brand Strength Assessment, Employer Brand Development, Career Portal Content Development; PDF Brochures, Job Descriptions Re-write; Total Rewards Re-write; Opportunity Messaging and Standardized Recruiting Communications Development; Social Reputation Management; Recruiting as a Service.

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ProForce Client Case Example
Logisticorp Group

Logisticorp is a 500+ person, MBE-certified company providing global supply chain management, transportation and logistics services to Fortune 100 companies.

Company URL

Scope of Work
Brand Development, Technical Writing, Web-content Development; Web Design; Web Technical Development; PDF Brochures, Employer Branding; Job Descriptions Re-write; Total Rewards Re-write; Candidate Communication Re-write; Recruiting as a Service.

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ProForce Video Blog Series
The High Performance Myth  

It sounds like, “we don’t need a high performer in THAT position.”  

And it usually originates from people on out teams saying things like, “The work is not that important” or “The work not important enough to have a strong person in THAT role.”

Mark challenges the conventional thinking based on what the top 10% of companies are doing successfully.

The Myth of More Money  

When recruiting gets tough, most organizations resort to more salary, more benefits, starting bonuses, etc.  

But most people genuinely want something else…meaning the conventional thinking is TOTALLY WRONG.  

Mark busts this common myth with examples of why people go to work for more than money!

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